Tuesday, July 7, 2009

2009 DJ AUCTION to benefit American Cancer Society

You DON'T want to miss this!!! Can you believe TEN hours each day of non-stop music?
Want to not only dance & enjoy the music, but also donate to an awesome cause? Then get your partywear in gear and head on over to the SXY2ND sim on July 8th and 9th from Noon to 10PM SLT each day for:

The 2009 DJ AUCTION to benefit the American Cancer Society!!!!

Sponsored by: SXY2ND, Vengeance Radio and Shoutcast Streams

Come check out some of SL's Finest DJs and bid to win a 2-hour set with a DJ for your own private event. All monies raised goes to benefit American Cancer Society's Relay for Life!
Please contact Meredith Freund inworld for more information.
Many thanks to Meredith Freund for allowing me the opportunity to create this poster for the event! Much love guys, this is going to be awesome!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Pottery and Patio Shop Now Closed

Made the decision yesterday to close up the Absinthe Minded Pottery and Patio Shop and put the parcel up for sale ... it was a fun 2 years, but I'm preferring doing graphics and event stuffs and just no longer have the time to pay attention to my little shop ... Thanks to all who purchased items from my store ... and you never know, it is SL, I just may open up shop again one day ... Until then, if you have any graphics needs, please contact "Studio Red" / Xochi Tolsen


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Daft Punk Coming Your Way!!!

Calling all Daft Punk Fans! To celebrate the grand opening of Hollywood Gestures, Studio Red is throwing a Daft Punk party on Saturday, September 27th, starting at 12pm SLT. I was fortunate enough to preview the awesome Daft Punk build especially created by Maddox DuPont of KMADD Enterprises ... and Ph'aren Digit'al is offering a HEAVY discount on his great Daft Punk helmets to all party attendees ... and of course: DJ Azu and DJ Kromus Korobase will be providing the tunes! Landmark and invite will be sent out soon! See you all on Saturday!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Absinthe Minded Patio Set Mentioned on Digital Image!

Scarlett Niven of Digital Image had mentioned my Absinthe Minded Patio set on her blog! Wooot! Thanks Scarlett!!! Here's the link to read the entire article:
Here's a snippet:
"Absinthe Primrose of Absinthe-Minded Pottery and Patio has released a fabulous new patio set! We have her awesome new sets on one of our patio terraces on our home. To celebrate I am giving 5 copies to the last 5 people who subscribed to ScarlettCast! in Absinthe's shop on Skyridge! Congrats to the winners!
1. Jelly Supply
2. Rosabella Fredriksson3.
3. Alianna Logan
4. Anji Mars
5. Cynthia Maruti
Enjoy!" --Scarlett Niven / Digital Image

Friday, September 5, 2008

Inked Beautiful

Studio Red is at it again! Join us this Saturday, September 6th from 4pm to 6pm slt at KMADD's Space Lounge, to celebrate 'The Return of DJ Azu'! Thanks to our sponsors: Nardya Rousselot of Nardya (total tattoo goddess!) and Hollywood Gestures (we love you Blazin! Hoooo!). Take your vitamens people...it's going to be a long night ;).
Tattoo Credits: On Her (er, ok ... it's MY butt in the picture!) - Henna by Nardya. On Him (who will remain nameless to protect the innocent ... by innocent, I mean: ME!) - Kraken by Nardya.
Stay tuned ... my favorite spooky holiday of the year is just around the corner... and you'll just DIE when you see what Studio Red has up next!

Til Later!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm on Scarlettcast August 2008 AND I Won The Cover of SL's "Uncover Magazine" Premier Issue! Hoooo!!!

-:: Click on the Pic Above to View the August Segment on Digital Image ::-

I met Scarlett Niven when I entered and won a spot on her "SL Legends in Lingerie" Calendar earlier this year ... and she informed me a few weeks ago that she would be interviewing me and placing my "Absinthe Minded Pottery and Patio" shop in her August "Scarlettcast" housewares segment! Hoooooo!!!

Click on the pic above to be taken to her page and to view the cast ... you will be able to hear my DORKY voice and meet other amazing SLers such as: Anyusha Lillenthal of Ibizarre, Four Yip (an amazing SL and RL artist), and SL recording artist: Jax Streeter!

Scarlettcast subscribers will receive a giftball of freebies ... including a water lilly votive by me!

Thanks again Scarlett, I'm so happy that you've added my shop to your cast!

More Exciting News!
I've just been informed that my Flickr art piece "Eve" has been chosen as the cover art for the premier issue of SL's "Uncover Magazine"!!!

All the contest entries and artists are sooo amazing ... I really didn't think I'd be a "blip on the radar" in the contest, so I'm so honored that the crew of Uncover chose this pic! Still squealing in RL over here, lol!
Remember, I also have a page on Flickr and I post a new pic every few days ... come on by and view/critique away!
Thanks again everyone and I'll chat with you all soon!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

You Are Invited to The Temple Event - Saturday, August 9th!

-::: Invite Designed by Absinthe Primrose for Studio Red ::-
Click on the invite for a, um, larger view!
ALMOST TIME! Here is the invitation I did for Saturday August 9th's "Fantasy at the Temple" event! A 4-Hour (or longer???) blow out to celebrate the Grand Opening of The Temple build, Male Fashion Show and an awesome Afterparty featuring the famous SL DJ's: Azu and Syriana!!!

Thanks to the models who posed for this invite in some of the outfits you will seen them in at the show (from left to right): Takeshi Kiama in A.C Studios ... Sabastian Westland in House of RFyre ... Monta Horan in Beefcake ... and Iustinian Tomes in Vitamen and wearing tattoos by Nardya!

Special thanks for the sponsors of this event: Tempest Consulting, HnH Tropical Resort, Nardya and House of Gestures!!!

So come on by and drag your friends with you this Saturday, August 9th ... starting at 2pm SLT and going on til ????

Landmarks to the event will be included with the invite ... any questions, please IM or Notecard me: Absinthe Primrose.